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Friday, October 28, 2011

Family Friday

I recently saw this really cute idea on Pinterest. I am beginning to think that all cute ideas might come from that wonderful site, but that's okay because a good idea is a good idea. Don't you just love Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs for that reason alone?  Let's all just share the ideas and spark some more....makes life more interesting!

Anyways, this was the pic that caught my eye....

The idea is to hold a pic of another pic on each anniversary.  Well, I don't know how this would work for every year, but we just celebrated our 5th anniversary.  I totally planned on doing this, and we WILL do it sometime this week.  So far though whenever I think to do it, I'm either still in my pj's or Chad is running out the door for work, etc.  I figure we still have time to get our pic with our pic.  Until it is actually taken though, this is what we did in the meantime.....

Soon we will take a pic of us holding this. This week! We can do it!

In the meantime, here we are holding up 5's for our 5th anniversary.

Comparing these two photos, I don't think we look that much different. Thankfully, we haven't drastically aged over 5 years or anything. Hush if you disagree! However, there is one noticeable difference there in the middle!  I still love this pic, and I still want to do the original plan.  I am thinking though that we will do one of just us holding our wedding day shot, and one with Blake in there too. It'll add interest for when we take our 10 year anniversary pic, or for any year we feel like. How cool to someday be sitting there with our kids and grandkids!  Anyways, just an idea to throw out there if anyone else would like to do the same or similar.

Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, and if you didn't catch it yesterday....all next week I will post only from my "Daily Cup of T" Facebook page (click here to see it).  So please "like" my page if you'd like to read next week's posts.  Thanks! Who knows?  Maybe I'll get all official and have a fun giveaway or something the way the other fancy blogs sometimes do!:)

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