Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Away We Go

Well, Blake and I have been on the move today! It is safe to say we are in love with Bob....our new BOB jogging stroller that is. We have been getting out quite a bit for a walk/jog throughout our neighborhood lately. However, on Sunday morning we found that BOB's back two wheels were both flat. Yes, the tubes were completely deflated due to some thorns, and so were our spirits. Blake sobbed when I had to take her out. We were ready to roll people! We had our sunscreen on, water, good music along, and then waaa over.

Well, today we were back at it and it felt great! This is a picture taken at the furthest point out from our house on the path we take. It also happens to be my favorite spot. I love the curve of the sidewalk ahead and the pretty trees that hang above with the sunlight filtering through the leaves. It makes for an enjoyable destination when we get out there. As we were moving along, I couldn't help but think how much more enjoyable this June was compared with last year's. I mean last June had it's perks. We did have a beautiful 2-month-old baby girl to love. However, June '09 had it's downs too. I recently came across last year's June calendar. I counted 13 times I had to go to the doctor in that month alone due to that darn infected blood clot I got after my C-section. That is including a three day hospital stay after having it removed. I was told what happened to me was HIGHLY uncommon. In fact, my doctor said he had never seen anything like it in his 30 years of practice. Lucky me.:)

Anyways, my point is that I am just enjoying moments like this morning to their fullest. Life can be so good when you're feeling good! So last year we were slowly going through what curves life was throwing at us, but we just kept on going. Now I am running with the curves and under the gorgeous green leaves with the sunlight overhead. I love hearing Blake laugh when I pick up the pace and seeing her smile when I take a peek to check on her. My new snazzy I-pod is filled with what I believe to be the "greatest play list ever", and it helps keep us moving along. If only I knew then how great I would feel today. It makes me wonder what is further down our path. The good and the bad, we'll go through it together. For right now though, we are just enjoying the ride as we roll along rocking to the beat!

Friday, June 25, 2010

On Sierra's Time

Never would I have ever thought my alarm clock would look like this! Yes, this is my newest alarm clock folks. She's goes by the name Sierra. Although she has woken me up many mornings....lately she is set to 5:30a.m. without fail. She has no snooze button. I cannot unplug her. I did not know alarm clocks could have four legs, be furry, and howl. I have never been a morning person until lately. Yes, I actually don't mind getting up this early. I know, it is a little bizarre to me too. However, I willingly get up when she wakes me. I have time to eat breakfast and drink my coffee before the baby wakes up. It really has been quite a nice way to start the day. I used to just wait for the baby monitor to go off, but I no longer have that option. If Sierra starts howling, I am on my feet because I do not want a baby who woke up before she was ready. Now, if Sierra were to sleep in, I would not complain. However, I have found that the sound of sniffing at my ear and a paw on my shoulder is way sweeter than the constant nagging buzz of any old alarm clock. She is my buddy. Now, if I could only get her to bring me breakfast in bed.......

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....

Well, Daily Cup of T has not been so "daily" as of yet! Haha! I will get better at this. Yes, I will. I feel I am saying that about so many things lately. I will get better at keeping up with the laundry. I will get better at calling back friends I'm trying to keep better in touch with. I will get Blake's baby book up to date, our closets clean, extra weight off, a cleaner house, more recipe ideas put to use, and the list goes on and on. There's always something or a lot of somethings to keep up with. Chad has a good point when he says just jump right in, rather than look at the big overwhelming to do list thinking where to start. Well, I initially was just going to post that I will post more later. However, I think by just starting that first sentence, I just did another full post! He's a smart guy that husband of mine:) Okay, off to get some more done around here!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Newest Blogger on the Block

Okay, so I now have a blog! I've been pondering the idea of doing this lately. I have some friends with blogs and thought why not do one myself. Something else to do, right? I'm a little stumped as to what to write about for my first posting though. Well, considering no one knows I have this yet, I guess I won't stress about it. Stay tuned for more in the world of blogging that I am beginning to explore..... There, first blurb of a blog post complete!:)