Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summer Days

Here are a few of my favorite pictures we have taken this summer. The days have been a mix of fast and slow around here. They fly by when Chad is home with us, and seem to take a little longer when he is away. I feel we have been making the most of the summer though. We've had some lazy days around the house, some travels around the area, and family out to visit. We've seen the ocean waves roll in, the Sequoia trees reach up high, and many hot and sunny days. Blake seems to be growing up so fast before our very eyes. She is now walking all around and having so much fun giggling with each step. Whether we are out and about, or walking from room to room, this summer has been great. Now I am looking forward to some cooler temps and Fall activities.....while still savoring the summer before it comes to an end.